Why Choose TheYogiRealtor™?

Why choose TheYogiRealtor™ for your real estate needs?

Energy.  Because you know that like attracts like and so you are extremely discerning as to who you deal with, who you exchange energy with and who you let into your world.  Because you are unconventional.  Because you know that it is possible to be both financially successful and to be in service.  Because you know the loudest person isn’t always the one with the right answer.  Because you want to be in business with others who share your passion for, and commitment to, conscious business practices.  Because you care whether there is congruence between their words and actions, how respectful they are and how they show up in this world.  Are they bringing more joy, compassion, beauty, love and peace into this world?

Whether you are buying or selling, every real estate transaction involves spending time together and sharing intimate information (like details about your finances as well as personal stuff like your priorities, goals and dreams).  When you choose to work with me, TheYogiRealtor™, you will be working with someone who is also on the yogic path, is intentional, strives to practice right thought, right speech and right action at all times, and acts in consideration of the highest good.

Working with me also means that you will be supporting yoga-inspired efforts to make the world a better place.  I believe yoga to be a powerful force for personal and global transformation (you can read more about my personal journey on the About page) and I donate a percentage of my net proceeds from every completed real estate transaction to support Off the Mat, Into the World.

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