Real Estate

TheYogiRealtor™ is committed to building a conscious real estate business dedicated to serving the residential real estate needs of all who are on the path of living mindfully and consciously.  As a yogini who prioritizes the practice of living yoga over doing yoga, it dawned on me that my business interactions were really energetic exchanges and that to truly live yoga I needed to conduct my business consciously as an expression and extension of my yoga.

And that got me thinking: if you are a yogi, healer, someone on the path of living consciously and mindfully, aren’t you discerning when it comes to who you share your energy with?  When you have real estate needs, wouldn’t you rather work with someone who shares a commitment to being mindful and conscious?  Did you think that you had to compromise just because you were dealing with real estate?

TheYogiRealtor offers an alternative to those who are on the path of living mindfully and consciously AND who have real estate needs (because as long as we are on this Earth plane and in this dimension, we need a place to shelter these bodies).  Even if we may follow different yoga, meditation or healing traditions, we share an understanding of the potency of energetic exchanges, a commitment to mindfulness and choose to be in relationship (personal and business) with like-minded individuals.

Please explore the site and subscribe to the blog for updates on the Los Angeles real estate market, posts about wellness and tips on living mindfully.   I look forward to hearing from you!  

Email:  Direct: 310.428.8997  Follow me on Twitter @theyogirealtor

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