What can yoga and real estate have in common? Aren’t they diametrically-opposed pursuits?

The short answer is no.  My much longer answer is below.

I am firmly rooted in the worlds of yoga AND real estate.  A licensed REALTOR® (current member of the Beverly Hills/Greater Los Angeles Association of Realtors, the California Association of Realtors, the National Association of Realtors as well as a certified yoga instructor, certified thai yoga therapist, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and recovering academic),  I specialize in serving the residential real estate needs of those in the yoga, healing/wellness, and conscious-living communities throughout Los Angeles and Southern California.

My path to real estate unfolded after years of practicing and teaching yoga.  I eventually realized that teaching was not the fulfillment of my life’s purpose, merely a training period so I may be better equipped to share what I had learned from yoga and share it with others in more unorthodox, unexpected venues (like real estate).  For me, the most important principles have been around ahimsa (in all forms, not just the physical expression but also in terms of speech and manners), integrity (whether in terms of the commitment to the integrity to a pose so that no physical harm is done and that the energy may open and flow more freely or in terms of integrity in my thoughts and actions so that who I am, what I say and what I do are all in alignment), compassion, love, and forgiveness.  In almost any real estate transaction, there will be times of freaking out and doubting as well as times of joy and celebration.  Being strong in my stance (in my integrity) allows me to be loving, compassionate and patient as clients express fears and doubts.  When appropriate, we may look a little deeper at those expressions to see how they may be related to the property/rel estate transaction.  One of my yoga teachers likes to say that “how you do anything is how you do everything.”  I have seen this in yoga and I have seen this in real estate.  Who you are is who you are, regardless of what you are doing.  Stress – whether in a pose or in a real estate deal – only magnifies our tendencies.  My job is to help you harness the energy of your tendencies and re-direct them in a way that is productive for you.

After spending years working on getting grounded so that I could feel at home in my body and teaching others to find their way home to their hearts and bodies, I guess it’s not entirely surprising that my yoga journey led me to my career in real estate.  It’s easy to be full of kindness, compassion, peace and love on the mat.  Yet change in our world requires us to have the strength and courage to live these principles, especially in times of stress.  Buying and selling property can be one of those high stress times.  And yet, as anyone who has a regular yoga or meditation practice can attest, it is possible to remain peaceful in the face of stress and challenges.  Having devoted so much of my time to cultivating connections to the body, heart, and spirit, it made perfect sense that I would want to help others find the perfect home to house their bodies and deepen their connections to spirit.  And that’s how I became TheYogiRealtor™.

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