Community allows us to see each other more clearly, know each other more deeply, and love each other more fully. When we see each other as members of the human community, we open up possibilities for connecting. By connecting and recognizing our humanity, we open up possibilities for creating alternatives to hate, separation and violence. When we see ourselves and our loved ones reflected in the other, we are reminded of how we are all one. And by remembering how we are all a part of this global community, we may be more motivated to choose love and peace. Whether I am engaged in real estate or practicing yoga, I see the creation of community as a key to making our disconnected lives more meaningful and fulfilling.

How I spend my money is one way I express my commitment to community. I do my best to buy cruelty-free products, patronize local businesses and support causes I believe in.

I donate a percentage of my earnings from every real estate transaction to supporting organizations that contribute to the betterment of community at the local and global levels. I am deeply inspired by the good that these organizations do for our world. I hope to have more to give these organizations and it is this hope that motivates me to have greater financial success. The more successful I am as a Realtor, the more I will have to give these amazing organizations.

In 2015, I directed the majority of my donations to Off the Mat, Into the World. For 2016, I have decided to direct my donations to supporting two additional organizations:

Peace Over Violence is a Los Angeles-based nonprofit providing sexual and domestic violence prevention training and related support services. I first became involved with the organization as a volunteer back when POV was known as LACAAW. The organization was founded in 1971 with the establishment of a 24-hour rape and domestic violence hotline in LA County and they have since expanded their services to include various types of advocacy and prevention trainings. Although it has been years since I was a volunteer, I still believe in the work they do.

Doctors without Borders: Regardless of where the political lines may be drawn, I believe that access to medical care is a basic and universal human right. What Doctors Without Borders does requires true courage and commitment to humanity.

Off the Mat, Into the World provides leadership training for those engaged in yoga-inspired social activism and support a variety of initiatives within the U.S. and globally.  I had the privilege of taking the Yoga, Purpose and Action Leadership Intensive in 2015 and it was an incredibly profound experience. Since I was donating to the organization, I wanted to see what my money was supporting. Now I can give with confidence in the knowing that my money helps support quality training for yogis committed to inspiring change for the betterment of their communities. Please visit their website as my words here can’t do justice to the many incredible ways that the organization is using yoga as a springboard for creating change in the world.


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