Here on this page are links to some of my favorite products and services. I’m a fan because I find that each, in their own way, express authenticity and lovingkindness and are part of the global project of making this world a better place.

Positivity Designs

Want to bring more gratitude, compassion, love and kindness into your world?  Ready to share your belief in the power of words?  Positivity Designs offers high quality t-shirts to inspire your world.  Shop the beautiful designs and read about how Positivity Designs founder, Alessa Carlino, came to discover how words can heal and transform at: www.positivitydesigns.com. Use my exclusive coupon (code: petula) to get a special discount good for $10 off every shirt you buy.

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Liz’s Antique Hardware

Whether your hardware and lighting tastes tend towards the sleek and contemporary or the ornate and antique, odds are that you will find something that will meet your needs at Liz’s Antique Hardware on La Brea Blvd.  Brace yourself as you step into the store and cross the threshold from the traffic on La Brea into a magical world of knobs, door and cabinet hardware, sconces, lamps, hanging fixtures and much much more.  For details on their offerings and location, check out their website: www.lahardware.com

Clear Strategy Coaching

No matter how intelligent you are, how much education you have, how accomplished you are, how loving and supportive your family and friends are, there just are times when you can benefit from a little outside perspective.  Even better is when that outside perspective comes from someone whose only agenda is to help you discover your strengths, connect with your dreams and help you come up with a plan to accomplish your goals.  Claire Steichen, founder of Clear Strategy Coaching, draws on her background as an executive in high-performance, global organizations, and her MBA from Columbia Business School.  She creates a powerful and transformational experience for those looking to bring more heart and authenticity to their professional and personal lives.  To learn more about coaching with Claire, go to www.clearstrategycoaching.com.

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