An Extra Hour To Excavate Your Truth and Create New Dreams

Daylight Savings Time ends tomorrow, giving us an extra hour to spend Sunday any way we like.  This particular Sunday, November 3, 2013, happens to coincide with the Scorpio New Moon in a total Solar Eclipse.  What does all that mean?  I found a really clear and detailed explanation from Kelley Rosano at

Eclipses are extremely powerful influences and this particular one we’ll be having offers a wonderful opportunity to get clear on our truth and purpose so that we may really integrate the lessons of the past few years and learn from our fears.  And this may also be a time to clarify or re-define your dreams.

For me, this time is about bringing together the doubts, fears and lessons I have learned in the past decade and transforming those hesitations into a clear vision of what it is I am here to do.  This time is about me being more explicit and intentional in expressing my role on this earth at this time.  And that role is about integrating what I have learned (and continue to learn) in my yoga practice into how I serve the real estate needs of individuals who share my passion and commitment to living in a conscious and mindful way.

Dreaming – I find myself having new dreams now that I have gotten clearer as to this next stage in my personal journey.  One of those dreams is to have my personal and professional selves congruent (which is what the name, TheYogiRealtor represents for me).  And when I work with home buyers, one of the things I love to do is hold a safe space for them to dream.  I want you to dream and see with your heart where it is you want to live.  This is so much more than thinking about home as the house with the the walls and roof that shelter us.  Home is that space where we are safe to be ourselves, to connect with our spirit, to get closer to our truth, to open our hearts and to envision our dreams.  Home is that space where we can safely explore and practice how it feels to have our inner and outer selves in alignment.  And from that safe exploration we can then confidently go out into the world, our boundaries intact, our thoughts and actions aligned, and our hearts open.