9 Simple Holiday Safety Tips

I was going to write another post about the importance of practicing gratitude – it seemed timely given that Thanksgiving is next week – and then I thought better of it. Thanksgiving is one time of year when we get reminders to be grateful from pretty much every media outlet so I decided to share some holiday safety tips instead.

As important as it is to recognize and express how grateful we are for what we have, it is also important to remember to be mindful and practical as to how to keep our homes safe. This is especially true during the holiday season, when we may be distracted by our own thoughts, obligations and busy schedules. Here are some simple tips I got from the Los Angeles Police Department website: http://www.lapdonline.org/crime_prevention/content_basic_view/1376

– Be extra cautious about locking doors and windows when you leave the house, even for a few minutes.

– When leaving home for an extended time, have a neighbor or family member watch your house and pick up your newspapers and mail.

– Indoor and outdoor lights should be on an automatic timer.

– Leave a radio or television on so the house looks and sounds occupied.

– Large displays of holiday gifts should not be visible through the windows and doors of your home.

– When setting up a Christmas tree or other holiday display, make sure doors and passageways are clear inside your home.

– Be sure your Christmas tree is mounted on a sturdy base so children, elderly persons or family pets cannot pull it over on themselves.

– If you use lights on your Christmas tree ensure the wiring is not damaged or frayed. Frayed or damaged wiring can cause a fire.- Place your Christmas tree in water or wet sand to keep it green.
Never place wrapping paper in your fireplace.